7 Major Signs that you May Need Your Washing Machine Repaired

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Automatic washing machines separate modern society from primitive yesteryear. So when your washing machine begins to malfunction, panic can ensue. What is one supposed to do without the means to keep your laundry clean? 

Have no fear. Washing machine repair technicians are near. Before you ring up your local washing machine repair company, understand the signs that your machine is failing you. 

Here are the basic signs that you need a visit from a washing machine repairman and a few troubleshooting techniques that could save your machine from problems beyond repair. 

1. Water Outside the Machine

When you see a growing puddle of water seeping from under your washing machine, it may be time to call a washing machine repair service. Water on the floor could mean a few different things: 

  • A damaged or loose water supply hose
  • A damaged seal on your front-loader door
  • A damaged or cracked tub
  • Overflowing water from your washing machine tub

Damaged and cracked tubs are uncommon with newer machines because stainless steel tubs do not typically crack. Also, older machines are more prone to overflow compared to their high-efficiency front loaders. 

If you have a newer, front loader, you could easily have a damaged seal. 

All of these problems cause the same mess. They also all do not mean you need a new machine. You just need to search for "washing repair near me" and contact your local washing machine repair company. 

Washing machine repair technicians can replace seals and repair damaged tubs. If you do not manage the problem, though, you will find yourself with water damage and even bigger problems. 

2. Dirty Laundry

Washing machines are supposed to clean your dirty laundry. If your laundry comes out of the machine still dirty, then you have a problem with your washing machine. 

The machine could have a faulty sensor or malfunctioning part. Perhaps you overfilled your machine or did not use an adequate amount of detergent. Or you may have a faulty machine. 

or not dispensing an adequate amount of laundry detergent. A washing machine repair service technician will be able to diagnose the problem and have your machine washing your clothes adequately. 

3. Suspicious Noises

Washing machines should make soft, gentle noises that let you know they're doing their job. If your machine begins squeaking, though, you have a reason for concern. 

If your machine begins to thump and grind, you also need to cal la repairman. Sometimes the machine will make thumping noises if you overfill it and the tub is off balance. Also, check the drum to make sure you do not have something in the machine that doesn't belong, like a shoe. 

If you notice grinding, squeaking, or thumping noises regularly, call the washing machine repair professionals immediately. Grinding indicates that the machine is stripping apart, and you need to stop using the machine until you have a pro look at it. Continued use with faulty parts could cause damages beyond repair. 

4. Extra Water

When you open your machine after a load has finished, there should be no water in the drum. Your clothes should be wrung out, nearly dry in fact. 

If you open the machine and see water standing or have sopping clothes, then your machine is malfunctioning. You most likely have either worn out or broken parts. Often, you only need to replace parts instead of the entire machine. 

Call an appliance repair company if you have overly wet laundry. Do not let the problem go or try to just wring your clothes out by hand. Leaving the problem alone will lead to problems that require an entirely new machine. 

5. No Water

If you turn on your machine and no water fills the drum, check your plumbing first. Make sure all of the pipes are properly attached to the back of your machine. 

If you cannot detect the problem on your own, contact an appliance repair service. The professional will figure out the cause of your problem.

Most likely you have an issue with a sensor, and this is not something the average person can fix. You need a professional repairman to fix your machine. 

6. Soaked Laundry

When a machine isn't spinning, it won't wring out your laundry. You need an adequate spin cycle to wring out your laundry. So soaked laundry means you need to call in a professional washing machine repairman.

If you're fortunate, you'll just have an issue with a sensor. In the worst-case scenario, your drum could have broken free from the machine. In this case, you will need a new machine.

Only a professional washing repairman can properly diagnose your problem, though.

7. Code Errors

Newer machines come with a computer and a screen. Sensors work in sync to wash your clothes. Almost all new stackable and front-load machines have these sensors. 

If the sensors malfunction, your machine will give you code errors. For example, if you have too much water, excessive bubbles in your viewing window, or cycles that stop, you have a code error. 

Common homeowners cannot fix code errors. Only a trained machine repair person can fix the codes and get your machine back up and running.

If you need to stop and restart your machine regularly, then call a repairman. You have a code error. You should be able to start your machine and walk away until it has finished.

Know that stopping and starting your machine manually will ultimately cause further damage. To avoid having to purchase an expensive new machine, just trust a professional to fix your problem. 

Experts in Washing Machine Repair

Automatic washing machines make life simple. You put your clothes in, push a button, and walk away. You come back 45 minutes later, and you have a load of freshly washed laundry.

When your modern laundry wizard breaks down, call a washing machine repair technician. Do not attempt to fix the problem on your own, lest you cause even more damage. 

Has your washing machine begun to show signs that it is giving up? Contact us today. We will assess the problem and repair your machine. 

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