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Manufacturers recommend periodic maintenance on most of their appliances and for good reason. We encourage following the manufacturer’s recommendations, in order to keep your appliances running smoothly and efficiently. 

Some maintenance, such as belts, rollers, and idler pulleys, should be done every 5-7 years. Other maintenance should be done at shorter 3, 6, or 12-month intervals, such as water/air filter replacement, refrigerator condenser coil cleaning and dryer vent cleaning. Below is a brief summary of the most important maintenance suggestions.


Clean condensers coils every 6-12 months Change water filter every 6 months


Change Belts at 5-7 years

Replace fill hoses every 5 years

Run bleach every few weeks, too help keep mold growth down


Change belts, rollers, pulleys, glides, and bearings at 5-7 years

Clean lint from inside your dryer and dryer ducts once a year. This helps prevent dryer duct fires. Dryer lint can spread to a full-blown house fire.


Replace gas igniters at 5-7 years

Calibrate the temperature and/or replace temp sensor 5-7 years

Clean soot from gas burners 5-7 years


Clean and Remove Calcium Build-up – 6-12 months

Clean air vents and condenser coils – 6-12 Months

Replace Water Filters – 6-12 Months


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