Why is my oven not heating? 

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Ovens have been cooking food since 3,200 BCE. Since then, ovens have come a long way and are an essential appliance in any kitchen. 

Ovens are necessary to bake, broil, and heat food. Nothing is worse than gearing up to make a meal and finding your oven isn't working. A broken oven can be inconvenient, especially when you're in a hurry.

Our broken oven guide goes over everything you need to know to diagnose your oven so you can get cooking again. 

Common Oven Problems 

If your oven doesn't work, you can do a few things to determine the cause of the problem. A broken oven diagnosis will help you decide if the problem has a simple solution or needs a professional to fix it. 

The Gas Burner Won't Light 

One of the most essential parts of the stove is the burners on top. You need these to function correctly to heat your food to the right temperature. If you have a gas burner, you will find yourself in a pickle if you can't get it to light. 

Gas stoves use an electric ignition to light. If the electric ignition doesn't work, you can try lighting the range with a match. If your stovetop still doesn't light, it's time to troubleshoot the problem. 

Many times, if your burners won't light, you'll need to replace your igniter. This isn't a DIY job, but one you'll need professionals for. 

Your Oven Won't Get Hot 

One of the most obvious signs that your oven needs repair is if it isn't getting hot when you turn it on. Without a hot oven, you won't get very far with your cooking and baking. You can tell you have this problem if you turn your oven on and find that it stays cool. 

The reason behind your cold oven depends on if you have a gas or electric model. If you have a gas oven that won't get hot, it's usually because you have a broken igniter. Electric ovens usually have a faulty heating element to blame for not getting hot. 

Faulty Fuses

When you walk into your kitchen, you'll usually have an oven that displays the time on the screen. If you notice that the screen is black, you could have a fuse that needs replacing. A malfunctioning fuse is a common electrical issue that can cause your oven to appear dead. 

Replacing a broken fuse can be a quick solution if this ends up being your problem. You can check this by seeing if your oven fuse has blown. 

Is there no blown fuse that you can see? If not, you may need to hire a professional to get the wiring redone or replace your oven with a new one. 

You Have a Broken Oven Sensor 

All ovens come with a sensor to regulate the internal temperature. If you have a sensor that is on the fritz, the temperature of your oven will run either too hot or too cold. This will mean food that isn't cooked properly and could make you sick. 

If you have an old oven, you can find the sensor in a narrow tube at the upper end of your range. A broken sensor on a modern range will display an error code on the oven display. 

A lot of the time, the oven sensor is faulty when it touches the wall of the oven. If you see this as your problem, tilting the sensor away from the oven wall can fix it. If you still have an oven that isn't working after trying this trick, it's time to call in the professionals so that they can replace the sensor. 

The Breaker Is Off 

If your oven shows no signs of life, it could be a problem with the breaker. The amount of power your oven uses for cooking or baking can cause the breaker to trip.

Head to your breaker system and open it up. Look to see if the switch labeled oven is in the "off" position. All you have to do to turn the breaker back on is flip the switch to the "on" position. 

Make sure to pay attention to how often the oven breaker gets tripped. If it is a common occurrence, you may need to call an electrician to look at the breaker. 

Your Oven Door Won't Shut 

An oven door is necessary for keeping the heat in and cooking your food. If you have an oven door that won't close, your food won't cook, and you'll have a big safety issue on your hands. 

Most of the time, an oven door that won't shut is due to either a broken door hinge or a faulty sensor. Calling a professional like Aurora Appliance can help diagnose the problem for you. 

Broken Oven Tips 

Always consult your oven manual before you try to repair an oven. This guide will help you know where parts are and how to fix them. 

Sometimes you have to figure out how your oven cooks and work with it. Play with the positioning of the racks in your oven and try out different bakeware. 

If You Can't Fix Your Broken Oven, Call the Professionals 

While a broken oven can be a frustrating issue, the problem may be common and easy to fix. Grab your owner's manual and some patience and see if you can troubleshoot the problem. 

If you still can't get your oven working, Aurora Appliance can help! Our professionals can help repair even the trickiest oven difficulties. Contact us to schedule an appointment today. 

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