Simple Steps To Clean Your Refrigerator Coils

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The refrigerator condenser coils are vital to ensure it operates smoothly. However, with time, the coils accumulate dirt, debris, and pet hair. If the coils get clogged, it interferes with the operation of the refrigerator. Knowing how to clean the coils will ensure your refrigerator runs smoothly for a long time. Cleaning the coils is a maintenance routine task that takes a short time. Here are the simple steps you should follow when cleaning your refrigerator coils. 

Disconnect the power supply

The first thing you have to do when cleaning any electrical appliance is to unplug it first. Make sure the power plug is disconnected before you begin the cleaning process. 

Initial vacuum

The condenser coils are usually located at the back of the refrigerator. You can also look for them under the refrigerator behind the grille or the top of your refrigerator. The coils have a U shaped pattern. 

The next step is doing an initial vacuum. Vacuum the dust and debris that you can see from the coils. Make sure you put on a mask to prevent you from breathing in the dust.

Brush the debris

Using a long handled-brush, scrape any stuck-on particles and dust. The initial vacuuming will not get rid of all the dust build-up. Carefully clean the coils and the hardware surrounding it. 

Final vacuum

Once you are done brushing any stuck-on dust, you need to go back again with your vacuum. Vacuum any remaining dust and debris on the coils. Vacuum the dust on the floor as well.

Return the refrigerator to position

Now that everything is clean, you should return your refrigerator to its position. Plug the refrigerator power cord and you are done. 

If any you don't have time to clean your refrigerator coils or it needs repair, contact Aurora Appliance to have our professional technicians help you out.  

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