7 Reasons Why You Should Use Jet-Dry in Your Dishwasher

by Devon Puryear November 2nd, 2022

Most US households have a dishwasher and for good reason. These machines can help you conserve water and save time when washing your dishes. 

However, several studies demonstrate that the dishwasher is the least-used household appliance. Roughly 19% of homeowners said they didn't use their dishwasher in 2020. 

Sometimes, this is because people prefer to wash dishes by hand. These dishes seem cleaner when washed manually. 

If inefficiency is why you ignore your dishwasher, consider trying out Jet-Dry! Jet-Dry offers several benefits to homeowners and allows your dishwasher to become more efficient.

If you're unconvinced, keep reading! We'll explore seven benefits of Jet-Dry for your home.

1. Eliminate Film and Water Spots on Dishes with Jet-Dry

Have you ever opened your dishwasher after a cycle and discovered spots all over your dishes? It's annoying and often makes people wonder if they'd prefer washing dishes by hand. At least then, the dishes look clean.

However, some Rinse Aid products can prevent this from occurring. As it turns out, Jet-Dry is one of those products. 

Jet-Dry can get rid of these spots by adding a sort of coat to the dishes. It uses alcohol ethoxylate to protect the surface of your dishes, forming a coat similar to wax coatings on a car. 

Instead of leaving spots, this compound causes the water to bead up and run off the car. It also prevents the water from pooling in your dishes.

2. Improve Your Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is always a worthwhile goal to pursue. When your house becomes more energy-efficient, you can save money on your energy bills. You also contribute to the environment's health. 

So, how does Jet-Dry help you increase your energy efficiency? First, it lets you use your unit's energy-saving functionality. Secondly, it doesn't damage the environment.

Most of the ingredients in Jet-Dry are safe for the environment. Some components, such as alcohol ethoxylate, have a low amount of toxicity. However, these ingredients pose low risks to aquatic life. 

You don't have to worry about this resource damaging the environment or your dishwasher. It's a safe compound that can also give your dishes a deeper clean. 

3. Prevent Residue From Clinging To Your Dishes

Have you ever run your dishwasher and found that bits of food cling to your dishes? Or, have you discovered some dishwasher residue sticking to your dishes, giving them a filmy texture? 

These problems occur for several reasons. Sometimes, it happens because of an overcrowded dishwasher. However, it can also occur because of your detergent. 

To understand this, we'll have to do a little chemistry. Dishwashing detergent contains compounds known as surfactants, such as our old friend, alcohol ethoxylate. 

However, this detergent also includes several agents and enzymes. Some of these can help your detergent clean dishes. However, it can't necessarily break down water's (and some food particles') self-bonding property.

In other words, it can't do much for really sticky foods. That's where rinse aid products come in. These items' compounds can break down that bonding property.

In doing so, they break down the particles stuck to your dishes. It's an excellent way to ensure your dishes get a cleansing. 

4. Speed Up the Drying Process

Now that we've discussed how surfactants work, let's talk about another benefit of Jet-Dry. This rinse aid's surfactant lowers the surface tension of water, causing it to flow off your dishes faster. 

This property is the same one that prevents water spots from drying on your dishes. Likewise, it prevents water from pooling inside your dishes by making it easier for water to slide off. 

One side effect is that it takes less time to dry your dishes. Think of it as a surfactant's way of making water eager to get off your dishes.

Since the dishes take less time to dry, your washer's drying time runs less. This shorter runtime saves you energy and time. However, it can also help your dishes dry faster when you air dry them. 

5. Jet-Dry Makes Your Dishes Cleaner

The benefits we've discussed would mean less if Jet-Dry didn't clean your dishes. However, this compound doesn't just make your dishes look better. It genuinely improves the quality of their cleaning. 

Once again, this goes back to chemistry. Jet-Dry contains compounds that form a protective barrier between the foot and mineral particles clinging to your dishes. This barrier prevents these particles from reattaching to your dishes. 

6. Use Less Dishwashing Detergent

Many people who use their dishwashers ignore rinse aid products and solely use dishwashing detergent. As we've mentioned, this soap contains some of the same compounds as a rinse aid. 

However, its other compounds have trouble removing some particles from dishes. To compensate for this, some people decide to use more detergent.

There's a problem with this, though. The increased detergent may remove the food particles from the dishes. However, it can also leave a soapy film behind on your dishes. 

Likewise, it wastes detergent that you could use on another load. Why deal with these problems when you can use Jet-Dry instead?

7. Jet-Dry Bottles Last a Long Time

Finally, Jet-Wash isn't a product you have to restock every week. Instead, one bottle of Jet-Dry can last for up to 80 washes! That means you can avoid replacing a bottle for 2-3 months.

This product is a cost-effective solution to several dishwashing problems. Capitalize on it by finding a place to purchase it soon!

Solve Your Dishwashing Problems Today

Jet-Dry and other rinse aids can go a long way to solving several dishwashing problems. Using these products can make your dishwasher more efficient and convenient. 

However, you may have some dishwasher and appliance issues that Jet-Dry can't fix. That's why we're here!

Our company offers several home appliance services to protect your home. We offer affordable prices and warranties to protect your appliances for years to come. 

If that excites you, don't hesitate! Contact us today to learn more about our services. 

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